Boot camps are a relic and reveal a bankruptcy of ideas

National’s recent announcement, that they would send serious youth offenders to an army-run boot camp, has a whiff of antiquity. Like mothballs in a secondhand store. It also strikes me as both politically shrewd and ideologically regressive. I say shrewd because this is clearly a strategy to mine votes from NZ First by repositioning themselves once again as the rightful ‘tough-on-crime’ party. A dog whistle … Continue reading Boot camps are a relic and reveal a bankruptcy of ideas

Game of Selfies: Political Edition

Ah, the selfie. It’s subject to mixed reviews. To some, it is the epitome of a society gone to the pack, a society hopelessly enthralled in its own vanity. To others, it is just a harmless and fun way of documenting their journey through life (while reminding their friends incessantly of how cute they are). To politicians who consider themselves relatively au fait with technology, … Continue reading Game of Selfies: Political Edition

Sam Taylor: where heart meets political purpose

Meet Sam Taylor. She’s 27 and works as the Youth Justice Team Leader at Anglican Action supporting underprivileged young people, against the odds, to reach their potential. She is also standing for the Green Party in Hamilton East this election. Sam is probably unlike anyone you have met before. She has a striking presence: a natural and boundless warmth paired with a first-class mind. She is intimate and … Continue reading Sam Taylor: where heart meets political purpose

Coffee with Winston

Disclaimer: This is a work of satire intended for entertainment purposes. It was originally published in February, 2015. It’s 7am and I’ve arranged to meet with the Rt. Hon. Winston Peters at a coffee shop in Hamilton. He’s here to visit the local branch of Grey Power and read an excerpt from his new children’s book: ‘Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen’ (in his own words, a cute … Continue reading Coffee with Winston